.libre canvas: i’d appreciate it if you appropriate my work_ is a work by .-_-.

.libre canvas_ is just a 50 x 70 (or 70 x 50) cm blank canvas. it encourages you to appropriate it_

.-_-. would appreciate it if you would like to appropriate the work of .-_-. and .-_-. is willing to give you one of this original unlimited multiple work of art as a gift, so that you can appropriate it_

.just get in contact with .-_-. and ask for this original work of art. .-_-. will make one .libre canvas_for you and you can have this free/libre work of art for “free”, if you go meet .-_-.

.libre canvas_ is not only “free as in free speech” but also free “as in free beer”_

.libre canvas: i’d appreciate it if you appropriate my work_
50 x 70 (or 70 x 50) cm
blank canvas with a .copyleft!_ notice on the back
.copyleft!_ , .-_-. , 2010

.through out modern art, artists made many works of/on canvases in many different contexts. this idea of playing with the canvas, the classical medium of painting has also been very popular in contemporary art. .libre canvas_ is just another of them_

.libre canvas_ is an “original” work of art by .-_-. . it encourages you to appropriate it. that’s the only reason for its existance. .-_-. appreciates it if you find the work of .-_-. inspiring and would like to appropriate and build on it, as the way culture is built_

.all the works of .-_-. are free/libre and .copyleft!_. so is .libre canvas_ . works of art that are in digital format, represented as information can be reproduced and distributed easily in unlimited numbers with a very low marginal cost. works of art in the form of objects can only be reproduced in limited numbers because of technical and economical limitations of both the manual and the mechanical reproduction involved in the reproduction of objects_

.this work of art in the form of an object, which is a multiple, has a marginal cost for its reproduction that .-_-. has to bear. but .-_-. is willing to cover the cost of reproducing .libre canvas_ as gift for anyone who wants to have it to appropriate it. because, as an artist, .-_-. appreciates it if you like and find the work of .-_-. inspiring to build on it by appropriating.

.besides the reproduction cost of physical artworks, unlike the works of art as digital information, there is also the cost of physical distribution of the artworks as objects. this is the cost .-_-. asks those to bear, who would like to have .libre canvas_ , the original work of art by .-_-., for “free”. if you like to have .libre canvas_ that much that you are ready to cover just the cost of going to meet .-_-. to have .libre canvas_ for free as a gift, then get in contact with .-_-.